Includes hair wash, cut, and styling
Men: 45 minutes average
Women: 45 minutes to 1.5 hours average
Starts at $55.00 - $65 and up

Scalp Renew
Scalp anti-aging treatment service
$35.00 (without styling)

Coloring may involve intensive keratin and/or protein treatment for damaged hair
Starts at $60 - $120

Blow dry and Styling (for Coloring Only)
As an add-on service
Starts at $10

Color Treatment or Color Shine
Starts at $45

Color Touch-up
For new hair growth up to ¾ inch in length
Pricing depends also on hair density
Starts at $60 - $80

Color Touch-up and Color Balancing
Method for Color Balancing involves blending color from the area of your new hair growth to your existing colored-hair. May involve intensive keratin and/or protein treatment for damaged or
overly-processed hair
Starts at $85

Due to the range of methods such as common highlighting, whole-head weaving, multi-coloring, etc., a consultation is strongly advised.

Common Highlighting
Starts at $60

Whole-Head Weaving
Starts at $80-200

Additional Conditioning Color
Involves Triple-Processing with additional conditioning colors that are vibrant, such as red, pink, green, blue, orange, purple, etc. Process can take from 30 minutes to more than 2 hours.
Starts at $50 - $200

Double Processing Works
Color the base (new growth area), then wash and dry the hair. Start high lighting the hair using weaving method, brushing method or visual hands work; this is double processing work. It takes 90 minutes up to 3 hours or more to complete.

Example Client A,
Client A has short hair style, who gets color (cover gray) every 5 weeks and on the next visit will get coloring and highlighting (not whole head)- this is referred to as double-processing work. This double-processing work typically gets done every 10 weeks.
It takes about 2 hours.
Charged $120.00 (which did not include the hair cut)

Example Client B,
Client B has medium length, layered "Bob" style with high-density hair, who gets colored (gray cover) and second process gets high lighting (not the whole head) within 7 to 8 weeks.
It takes about 2 ½ hours.
Charged $145.00 (which did not include the hair cut).

Example Client C
Client C is a young Asian female, who has dark brown, semi layered, high-density, longer than shoulder-length hair. She had highlighted all (chunky section) of her hair. After washing and drying her hair, we put black, purple and red colors into the high-lighted areas.
It took about 3 hours.
Charged $175.00

Bleach works depends on the condition of your hair, how dark your hair is, density, and length of your hair. For hair that is damaged, we will not attempt this process. This service requires intensive care, so timing and conditioning are important.
Starts at $60

These days many of our clients have colored hair, so when we do a perm, we use quite a bit of treatment (maximum protection) for the right condition and movement of the hair. Perm hair is very intensive work and we are cautious so the hair does not get dried out. We do many texture perm, which is creating irregular wave or curl in different area. We use a variety of methods and rod shapes to achieve the goals of our clients. We also use various brands of products and Japanese perm solutions and rods as well.
Price range for Partial wave $60 - $100
Price range for Texture Wave $80 - $150
Price range for Short hair wave $80 - $120
Medium to Long hair Perm Price range $120 - $200
Note: In the future, we may do digital perm; we are currently researching the best available devices and processing products.

Smoothing and Thermo Reconditioning treatment (Straight perm)
In 2008 and 2009 smooth hair has become more popular than straight hair. This process provides better conditioning and optional styling for your hair. We would need to know as much as possible about your hair before starting. Information that is necessary is the chemical history of your hair, skin condition, and any health issues (hormone protein) for this work. Any misjudment of this work will result in severely damaged hair. Another important note, is imformation on how to take care of your hair at home; choosing the right level of hair products. “Yes” professional products are much better and are a must in our opinion. Becuase this category of work is the most intensive and sensitive we reserve the right of refusal for this service, as not all clients are good candidates for this type of service.
This service averages between 3 - 7 hours
Price ranges $250 - $400