Q. Why isn't there a fixed price?
A. At Yamamoto Creative Hair Design, we strive to provide the best service we can and are always looking for ways to improve hairstyle and the condition of our client's hair by cutting techniques, styling, and using a wide variety of products to achieve the best results.We do this by incorporating keratin and collagen proteins (imported from Japan) to do coloring, perm hair, and for other hair processes that require the use of chemicals. Offering a fixed price would not allow us to taylor the best possible style for you; each client is different and each person's desired style is different -- thus the price will vary depending on style, color, and processing.

Q. How long will it take to have my hair styled and what can I expect with each process?

A. The time you spend at our salon varies according to your hair type and your desired hairstyle. For the following hair processes, we have listed the average time for each example:

Haircut and Style
Includes hair wash, cut and styling
Men: 45 minutes average
Women: 45 minutes to 1.5 hours average

Hair Coloring
Depends on current hair color (previously-processed or virgin hair), color process desired, and the amount of color product needed.
Takes on average about 2-5 hours, which may include double or triple processing to achieve desired color. For more details on color pricing, please refer to the pricing guide.

Hair Straightening and Smoothing - consultation is strongly advised
Depends on length, density, textures, and condition of hair.
Takes 2-6 hours average
Q. Why can't you give me a definitive price for a particular hairstyle over the phone?
A. Unfortunately, it is difficult for us to know or visualize the type of hair you have or what you wish through a telephone conversation. If you are new to our salon, we suggest that you come in for a free initial consultation before you make an actual service appointment. During this consultation, you are encouraged to bring along any and all pictures that will help demonstrate the type of hairstyle you desire. We will examine your hair, let you know if your desired hairstyle is achievable, and give you options about what will work best. You can also explain to us what your ideas are concerning this type of hairstyle and the hair care regime you are used to.